The testimonials below reflect only some of the people who have chosen to write to us about the relationship they share with Sell Quick For Cash, LLC "we buy houses Arizona".

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  • Kelly Hunt

    I purchased a home in Queen Creek Arizona and because of the market the homes value decreased by over 50%. I was extremely under water and went online to find a solution. I found Cody's website and and within 20 minutes of filling out the form on the site I was on the phone with Cody. He was very knowledgable about Arizona short sales and answered all of my questions.

    I was able to sell my Queen Creek house to Cody after he got an Arizona short sale negotiated on my behalf. I am really thankful for Cody and his team and highly recommend him to other Arizona homeowners.

  • Yan From Maricopa

    I inherited my mothers house in the town of Maricopa. I tried renting it out for 3 years, but decided that being a landlord was not my cup of tea. I found Cody online and within 7 days I was able to sell my Arizona house fast and put cash in my pocket.

    Cody was extremely easy to work with and I am glad I found him!

  • Doug From Colorado

    My mom and dad owned a little house near 48th Ave and Indian School Rd. in Phoenix, AZ. When they passed away me and my brother inherited the property which needed a ton of repairs. We thought about selling through a real estate agent, but we wanted to sell fast. That's when we found Cody online and called him. He made me a cash offer within 1 hour and after a brief negotiation we were able to come to a deal.

    He even helped me find an Attorney that filled the property probate paperwork that gave me and my brother permission to sell the house. He went above and beyond and was great to work with. I would recommend him to anyone looking to sell their Arizona house fast.